Beckett & Taylor – (Hired New Hands)

Hand on the Plow are back with the new release from Beckett &Taylor.

(Hired New Hands) – HOTP003 was released on September 11th 2006.

Laszlo Beckett and Steve Taylor have made rather a good name for themselves in the last few years thanks to breathtaking original dancefloor releases notched up on Matthew Herbert’s Accidental imprint and also their own Hand on the Plow label.

Now they’re back with the third addition to Hand on the Plow family and with possibly their best and most demented 12″ yet!

The record starts off with the perfect re-introduction, if you’d forgotten exactly what Beckett and Taylor sound like, then you’re in for a giant smack in the jaw in the shape of ‘Where you gone there been find it’.

Choppy and stuttered vocals shriek and wail over the damned funkiest electronic dance music this side of Rio – it’s impossible to restrain yourself when challenged by music that threatens to move you this raucously. Shortly after this aural assault, we are abused still further by Caro’s re-interpretation of Beckett & Taylor’s classic ‘Hand on the Plow’.

Rarely do remixes work so beautifully, but American techno don Caro has risen to the challenge and produced a track which even threatens the original in terms of wild and funky abandon. Rounded off quite delectably by ‘Hoody’, a pseudo-dubstep journey into the land of deep bass and clipped beats we end what has been a jaw dropping voyage into the minds of two of the UKs most innovative dancefloor producers right now.

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