Pleated Lemon – (Surefire Hit)

Hand on the Plow are back with the debut release from Pleated Lemon.

(Surefire Hit) – HOTP004 due for release on October 23rd 2006.

Coming from the twisted mind of Spandex and his maniacal cohort Richard Dytch is this latest plate, a 12″ somehow destined to be a huge pop hit if we do say so ourselves. Beginning with the future playground anthem ‘Cocks and Fannies’ we’re instantly catapulted into the surreal world of Pleated Lemon.

This is a track that has already been described by some as sounding like “As if Charlie Brooker had given up journalism and turned to a career in music”, so if that makes any sense to you at all then you’re probably interested already (or you’ve stopped reading).

A campfire pseudo-salsa sing-along flecked with electronic production twists, we would put money on this being the oddest collision of sounds you’ve heard this year.

The fun doesn’t stop here though, oh no – side A is wrapped up by the future dancefloor (umm.) smash Carl Cox and Friends, which as you can imagine is a tribute to the said DJ megastar. Somewhere inbetween ‘Zorba the Greek’ and ‘Now That’s What I Call Music 22′, we have witnessed the birth of a new genre, we just don’t know what it’s called yet.

Flip the record over and your ears are greeted by the oh-so-delicious sounds of Laszlo Beckett as he reworks Pleated Lemon’s ‘Cocks and Fannies’ and injects it with his own disparate sense of dancefloor rhythm.

The result is duty bound to get your hips shaking and the addition of some new vocals “Very few of us have one of each kind.. Cocks and Fannies” make this about as essential as they come.

We are well aware that some of you are looking for music that’s just that little bit left of centre, and thank goodness we have Pleated Lemon to kick us about as far left as our bodies will let us before we soil ourselves. Top of the pops!

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