Laszlo Beckett – (Plowtrax Vol.1)

We are pleased to present the first solo release from Laszlo Beckett on Hand on the Plow.
(Plowtrax Vol.1) – HOTP006 will be released on January 29th 2007.

Laszlo Beckett has been let out on day release by his producer partner Steve Taylor to release his first solo Hand on the Plow record – Plowtrax Vol. 1

Wandering dazed in Steve’s absence, Laszlo has knocked out this confusing and brilliant ode to house and techno music. These simpleton tracks are gagging for the dancefloor.

Laszlo Beckett
Guitar Beat Tracks Parts 1&2 launches us into the fragile mental state of this release, with Laszlo recording and performing this Care in the community P Funk track with his old garage band instruments.This is Paul Johnson, with guitars in the basement accompanied with special needs James Brown (RIP) screaming.

Bleep Me Daddy uses patterns correlated from Laszlo’s last psychiatric assessment…it’s clear he still has a way to go. This tough, distorted workout builds with no second opinion, perhaps a sweaty jack is all the doctor should order.

Keep Counting ends this cracking release and returns us to the safety of our own frightening sanctum. Wearing a sort of Carl Craig straightjacket, Keep Counting notches up the numbers of recent human horrors.

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