Beckett & Taylor – (World of Me)

Hand on the Plow are back with the eagerly awaited new release from Beckett & Taylor. (World of Me) – HOTP007 will be released on May 5th 2008.

Nothing needs to rhyme with me, the singer growls, and indeed, it’s hard to see what could. The song’s in its own league.” – Pitchfork Media

“…they make for an odd couple, but then that’s what B&T are all about.”

“Superbly brain-wrong bit of human/machine hybrid funk that sits right outside of genres”

World of Me boldly states what we all know to be true. It’s vocals and self-indulgent guitar debris, chorusing with remnants of beatbox to wholeheartedly confirm that, yes, indeed, no one else matters. (sorry)

This swinging Ar’n’Bee ode to one almost achieves empathy during it’s bluesy climax, only to discover that indeed nothing needs to rhyme with me, falling in on itself in an ever tightening vortex of myopic beats. (really, this is… sorry)

In another rare outburst of hedonism, Me Too concludes the A side with Beckett & Taylor kicking your back doors in and mussing up a fuss. (no really it’s fine, take my seat)

We’re also proud to invite fellow technocratic control freak Cristian Vogel on board the giddy ship Plow.

Cristian held Beckett & Taylor down, syphoned their egos out and fed them to his cruel chthonic creation The Never Engine, a bespoke techno tracking/jacking system which shares its name with his recent album on Tresor Berlin. (No honestly! I wasn’t going to eat it anyway!)

955 Remix invokes the infamous Chicago ‘Beast’ beat, while Lucky Fives Remix is a digital update of the FUSE styles of the mid-90s, filtered through the coffee filter of Nitzer Ebb, all… filtery like… and if you’ve read this far you must be grasping at straws too. (sorry)

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