Spandex – (Bermuda Triangle)

We are proud to present the latest release from our old stalwart Spandex.

(Bermuda Triangle) will be released on February 23rd 2009 in vinyl and digital flavours.

Spandex – Bermuda Triangle from Hand on the Plow on Vimeo.

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This is Techno in the spirit of the original Detroit and European pioneers: machine funk that looks as much to Parliament and James Brown for inspiration as to Richie Hawtin, and which treats each track as a fresh experiment in dancefloor dynamics, not as
reworking of an existing formula.

While all the Hand On The Plow crew are scholars of techno, Spandex is the one who is truest to it sonically. That’s not techno as in a dogmatic insistence on an all-overpowering mind-numbing four-to-the-floor kickdrum, or a rehashing of whatever combination of clicks and fizzing noises are currently de rigeur for scarf-knotting Berlin MNMLists, though.

That’s why connoisseurs’ favourite Cristian Vogel has previously released Spandex on his Sleep Debt label and has mastered this EP. And it’s why the three tracks here sound so radically different from one another, yet are all recognisably techno and recognisably Spandex.
So the hefty kick and alienfunk vocal yelps and chants of the EP’s title track, the rolling Underground Resistance electro rhythm and glassy, contemplative sounds of Fourth Wall, and the more chugging beat, vocal and disco-boogie synth eruptions on the New York Remix of What’s Wrong With You (from HOTP005).

Each have as clear an identity in themselves as you could ask for, but all bubble with the spirit of true-school techno, and all unmistakably come from the same effervescent mind.

And this is not worthy egg-heads’ music, either: all the tracks have broad appeal. Bermuda Triangle, with its builds and drops, could be played by adventurous breaks or electro DJs; Fourth Wall reaches towards Rephlex territories, while the warm synths of What’s Wrong With You blend perfectly into Italo and even deep house sets. Spandex makes techno as it was always meant to be: varied, instantly accessible, full of wit and fresh invention in every bar, and most importantly aimed at your braincells and your dancing trainers simultaneously.

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